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American Fabhouse specializes in intriguing designs that utilize natural and enduring elements while blending artisanal craftsmanship with eclectic
composition for the ultimate form and function. AFH is the culmination of two decades of creativity and sought after craftsmanship from the heart of the central coast of California. Creating and building exceptional modern furniture, lighting and home décor is what we do best. Every piece that leaves the AFH studio has all the quality you'd expect of a custom designed and hand built work of art - with all the freshness of today's modern hometrends.

"My love for art and design drive me to create, but it’s my fascination with quality products built to last that really comes through in my work. I feel we need to move away from becoming a disposable society and get back to building products that stand the test of time" - Jeff Thiess


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What we do

The American Fabhouse designers' deep appreciation of quality craftsmanship and organic elements fuses perfectly with the AFH team’s honed fabrication skills to create works that are as unique as they are excellent. Every fabricated joint is painstakingly finished and yet the work is so natural and simple that it unites the environment for which it was created. A perfect example of this is in AFH’s very latest credenza and retro throwback recliners. AFH brings the freedom and energy of hand crafted works of art into your living or work space. So often we fear the collision of man and nature, but when it happens in the AFH workshop, the only concern you’ll have is how much floor and wall space you can find for their work!

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What you can expect?
Exceptional quality design
Skillfully hand built in America
Sustainable, locally sourced materials
Beautifully finished products
Unparalleled style and durability


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